Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Madness - Meal Planning

When it comes to household duties there aren't many that I can say I truly hate doing. I mean, sure there are plenty of things that I'd rather be doing than scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors. But I love the feeling of a clean house, so at least with that kind of stuff I feel like my efforts are worthwhile. Even raking, which I absolutely despise, offers some sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when it's complete. And at least I only have to rake a couple of times a year. But I can honestly say that I hate meal planning. Every week I have to sit down and try to come up with 7 different meals that everyone will like and that won't break our budget. It's impossible. It doesn't matter what I make, someone isn't happy and expects a back-up meal to be provided. 'This isn't a restaurant' has become an almost daily quote from me.

I haven't always hated meal planning. When it was just Josh and I, it wasn't a problem. But now I have 2 more mouths to please, and picky ones at that. Ryleigh likes fruit and veggies but do NOT mix anything together. She wants a meat, a potato, and a vegetable. Casseroles are no good for her. She also won't eat anything with a red pasta sauce on it (except pizza). Isaac won't touch most veggies and really doesn't like meat unless it is breaded and resembles a chicken nugget. Josh is happy with just about anything as long as it fits in the budget. So, could someone please provide me with 7 meals that fit all this criteria??? I get so frustrated...every meal is a battle and it's a battle I don't want to fight. Not to mention that even my husband doesn't provide much help with the meal planning. What ends up happening more than half the time is I make a meal, the kids complain, throw a fit, and won't eat and then I end up making something different for them. Maybe I should just make my life a hell of a lot easier and feed them chicken nuggets every night. Hmmmm...

Tips, suggestions, and family-friendly recipes welcome!!!! Pleeeeeassssseee!!!


  1. Good luck, I have the same problem over here. It is a restaurant most nights in the Lauziere home. People tell me, Just make whatever and if the kids don't eat, they don't eat...eventually they will eat what you give them, right??? I can't do it though, I'm a sucker for big blue eyes, who say WE WANT NUGGETS MAMA!! LOL

  2. Yeah, I've tried the 'eat what I give you or eat nothing' thing. They don't eat it and then wake up in the middle of the night hungry. Not cool!