Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Reflections - Cheerleading

In order to keep myself blogging, I've set of a 'schedule' of sorts of topics to blog about. Tuesday will be all about 'reflections'. A day for me to reflect on some of the things going on in my life, the lives of my family members, or in the world in general. Today's reflection is all about my little girl and her latest activity...CHEERING!

Ryleigh has played soccer, she's taken dance lessons, and she's taken a little beginner's gymnastics class. None of these activities proved to be a success. In her defense, she was pretty young when she took her gymnastics class. But, at soccer she refused to follow directions which I guess is to be expected when your mom and dad are the coaches. She did more 'snow angels' in the grass than she ever kicked the ball. And dance class....well...it was a fight every week to get her there. She never wanted to go. So, last fall when it came time to try to find a new activity we debated on what we should do with her. She isn't really all that coordinated or graceful. Finally we decided to give cheering a shot and we signed her up for Elite's Toddler Star team. I was excited, but at the same time a little apprehensive. As a member of a 3-time State Champion Cheerleading Team, I know first-hand the hard work and dedication that it takes to be a cheerleader and I doubted that she has what it takes. Yes, I know she's only 4 and its just an activity for her right now, but thinking down the road...As it turns out, cheering has been great for her! She loves it! She looks forward to going every week, and doesn't want to leave after class. And her socialization skills never cease to amaze me. She hangs out with the teenagers like its her job. It also has been great for me....delving back into the 'cheering' world. Even though this time its as a 'cheer mom', its been great to have an itty bitty part in it again. So much has changed...and yet, so much is still the same. Watching the older cheerleaders brings back so many memories...the excitement and anxiety of a big comp, the comraderie and teamwork, the pride in your team and your teammates. Amazing...I really hope she sticks with it! I think back to when I started cheering...I was in jr. high. Imagine how good I could have been if I had started at age 4?!?!?! It will be a long road, but I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to years and years of cheering practices and comps and all that goes along with it! I'd be so happy and honored if she followed in my foot-steps and stuck with something that brought me so much joy and shaped my life in so many ways.

Someone please just stop me if I become one of those psycho cheer moms doing the routine on the sideline! lol

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  1. Jenn you look soooo young, and Ryleigh looks soooooooooooo super cute!!! Love your blog and will be keeping an eye on it daily!! Miss you guys!