Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whatcha Crafting Wednesday

I'm happy to say that I actually got a few things done recently! Of course...this is really 2 weeks worth of stuff since I didn't post last week, but oh well...

First off...I finally finished the summer dress that I've been wanting to make for myself! Yay! Here it is:

excuse my bra strap hanging out in this pic:
This was made using Simplicity pattern #2421 and Amy Buttler fabric (Midwest Modern fuschia martini dot for those fabric geeks like me). The pattern was very easy, the fit is good, and I think I'm really going to like this dress on hot summer days. It's nice and flow-y, doesn't cling, and isn't at all restricting.
I also finally made myself some swiffer socks and I'm in LOVE! These things are AWESOME! I got the pattern off the CraftStylish website. Click here for the pattern. This was another easy and quick project. I've made 2 of these so far and I have a third one on the hook.

Here is the sweeper side:

Then you can turn it inside out and use this side to mop. All I did was wet the swiffer sock, wring it out, put it on the swiffer and mopped.

Gross Alert! And just to show that this thing really works...I put it to the ultimate test and swept under my couch with it. ewwww...
I love these things on both the sweeper side and the mopping side. They work awesome and I will never buy another swiffer cloth as long as I live! I haven't bought any in a long time anyway...I was using a microfiber cloth with it. But, I couldn't mop with it that way. So, I'm super happy about these things! Another great thing about these is that they're cheap to make as well! The pattern actually recommends acrylic yarn. So, one skein of Red Heart will give you several swiffer socks. I have a ton of yarn, so I chose to do mine in all different colors...ya know...spice up the cleaning a little bit. ;-)

My final project to share this week is a little birthday card made for my cousin's little girl. Happy 6th birthday, Emma!

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