Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kids Crafts Thursday - Happy Earth

Happy Earth Day everyone!!!! In order to celebrate Earth Day, we did an Earth craft this week. This is another craft idea that I got from Creations By Sheryl. Thanks for all the great ideas, Sheryl! We will be making a Happy Earth today! Here is what you will need:

-Paper Plate
-Green and Blue Paint
-Paint Brushes
-Construction Paper (your choice of colors - we used blue, green, and red)
-Googly Eyes
-Newspaper and Smocks
-A picture of the Earth

-Pre-Project Prep:
-There really isn't much to do for prep work on this one. Just gather all your supplies and line your table with newspaper.

1. Have your child paint the earth on the back of the paper plate using the picture of the Earth for a guide.

Here is Ryleigh's Earth painting:

2. Let the paint dry.

3. Now we are going to add some arms and legs. We used the green and blue construction paper, but you could use whatever color you'd like. Cut out some 1" wide strips of construction paper and have your child fold them acordian style. They may require some help with this.

4. Glue or staple the arms and legs onto the back side of the plate.

5. Using the red (or whatever color you'd like) construction paper, cut out a mouth shape and have the child glue it onto the earth painting.

*Before we did this step, I asked Ryleigh if she thought the Earth was happy or sad. She said 'happy'. I asked her why she thought the Earth was happy and she said 'because all kinds of people live on him'. So, our Earth has a happy smile. But, you could make a sad Earth as well.

6. Glue on some googly eyes. If you don't have googly eyes, you could cut out eyes out of construction paper as well.

7. Ryleigh thought her earth needed a nose as well. She wanted her to have a rectangle nose, so that's what we did. So, here is Ryleigh's Happy Earth! Great job Ry!

Now you may have noticed that there are no pictures of Isaac after the 1st step was completed. That's because Isaac didn't understand the assignment. Apparently he thought I said 'paint the earth on YOURSELF'. And, is Isaac's Happy Earth:

It started with this...

The final product...
I think its safe to say that he's not the crafty type...or maybe he just likes abstract art. I'm sure his pre-school teacher will be impressed with his skills next year. :)

Project Review:
Well, I think this goes without saying that this was a great project for Ryleigh. She enjoyed it and I think she did a great job...I'm really impressed with how well she painted the Earth and with how cute her final product was. Not so great for Isaac...but, I'm starting to wonder if there IS a good project for Isaac?!?!?!?


  1. OMG Jenn great craft for Earth Day! Tell Ry's I love hers! She did an awesome job. Isaac, lol he doesnt NEED to know how to do crafts, hes cute ;) Altho he does look like the earth with his painted face, hands, and foot lol.

  2. Jen these pictures are so cute and funny!! I am glad you enjoyed this craft!