Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Reflections - A Tuesday with Ryleigh

I thought I'd take some time to ask my little girl some questions. She's getting so big and has such great thoughts and an amazing imagination. I know it won't be long before she loses some of that for more practical reasonings or before she'll no longer share some of this stuff with me. So, I wanted to try to capture some of it now. Here's my little interview with my daughter. These are exact quotes...

-What's your name?: Ryleigh Isabelle Ward

-How old are you?: 4

-When's your birthday?: I don't know.

-What's your favorite color?: Purple and pink and my favorite, FAVORITE color is red.

-What's your favorite place in the whole wide world?: The fair.

-What do you like so much about the fair?: Merry-Go-Rounds!!!

-Who's your favorite person in the whole world?: Mama..........and Grammie.

-What's your favorite thing to do?: Crafts (that's my girl!) :)

-What do you dream about at night?: For Pooh Bear (her lovey blanket) to be alive.

-What makes you happy?: My Poohy

-What makes you sad?: When I don't have Pooh on my way to school.

-Do you like school?: Uh huh

-What's your favorite part of school?: Story Time

-Are you looking forward to Kindergarten next year?: YES

-What are you most looking forward to about Kindergarten?: Going on the school bus

-Do you think you'll be nervous to go to Kindergarten?: Yes

-What's your favorite holiday?: Christmas and Easter

-Why?: Because the Easter Bunny gives me treats and Santa brings me presents

-What do you want to be when you grow up?: ummmm...an animal doctor

-What's your favorite kind of animal?: A kitty...and a doggy...and an alpaca...and a horse too!

-Why does Daddy have to go to work?: Because he needs to make money.

-Why?: So we can buy stuff like food to eat.

-What does Daddy do for work?: Make money.

-How come Mommy doesn't go to work?: Because you need to take care of the kids.

-Do you like Mommy to stay home and take care of you?: Uh huh

-What would you do if Mommy had to get a job?: Stay home with Nanni...only if she wasn't home then we'd stay home all by ourselves. But, if something was too high we would need Nanni, or Mama, or Dada.

-Why do you think Mama and Dada got married?: I don't know.

-Where do you think we got you and Isaac from?: The hospital.

-How did you get in the hospital?: So I could be a kid.

-Oh, but how did you get there?: Drove a car.

-Do you like your brother?: Sometimes.

-When do you not like him?: Well, today I like him. Tomorrow I won't like him.

-How old do you think Mommy and Daddy are?: 53....OH...30.

-What's your favorite thing to eat?: Spaghetti

-Plain spaghetti?: yes

-Do you think Mama is a good cook? Yeah

-How about Daddy? Uh huh

-What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy?: Play with him.

-What's your favorite thing to do with Mama?: Play with you too.

-Do you think I'm a good Mommy?: Uh huh.

-Why?: Because I love you!

-Why do you think it rains?: So flowers can have some water.

-Why does it snow?: Because it needs to.

-Do you like snow?: Uh huh

-What's your favorite season?: Summer and Spring

That's about all I could get out of her. She lost interest. Love her!

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