Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids Crafts Thursday - Measuring Growth

The other day Ryleigh asked me if we could start doing a height chart. I'm sure she got the idea from my Mom's house as my mom has a height chart on the inside of her pantry door from when we were kids. We'd mark our height on the back of the door every couple of months or so. I've been meaning to start one myself, but we just haven't done it yet. Along the same lines (measuring growth), I found these 2 handprint kits hidden in the back of Ryleigh's closet when I was doing some spring cleaning. These things are OLD...I'm sure I bought them before Isaac was even conceived. The price tags are from The Christmas Tree Shops...$1.99! So, I figured we'd turn them into this weeks craft project!

All you need is the handprint kit, water, newspaper, and little hands. I'm not sure if The Christmas Tree Shops still carries these or not, but you can find similar kits at any craft store. I just followed the instructions on the package. You mix the plaster with water, pour it into the round mold that came with the kit and then stick their hands in it. I don't have many pics to share here because this required my full and uninterrupted attention. lol...but here are the finished products. They are kind of hard to see in the pics. I'm thinking of letting them paint them with the outdoor paint I bought for their clay pots. I also took a popsicle stick and wrote their names (well...Ryleigh insisted on writing her own name, of course) and the year on them.

Now we will forever know how big their little hands were in 2010. :)
And, then we started our height chart! I put mine on the door jam of our pantry. We have sliding closet doors on ours, so I couldn't do it on the back of the door like mom did, but for some reason it had to be on the pantry brings back memories of me doing it as a kid myself.

Sorry...this week's project isn't all that exciting, but its actually been one of my favorites to-date. Because I know we just created lasting memories and documented a little piece of each of my children on that day.

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