Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mommyhood Madness - Last Day of School

Today is Ryleigh's last day of pre-school. I can't believe it! Where did my baby girl go??? The last school year has just flown by and I'm beginning to understand how quickly the coming years will fly by as well. Kinda sad that my baby and toddler years are over , but I'm looking forward to what's concerts, helping with homework, sporting events....time to MYSELF. She'll be starting full-day Kindergarten in the fall. She had her screening on Friday and she absolutely LOVED it. She did wonderfully...scoring 26 out of 27 on 'Concepts' and I believe it was 21 out of 24 on 'Language'. Yeah, okay, so she failed at catching a bean bag, but how important is that, really??? And most importantly, she is SO looking forward to going to 'big kid' school and riding on the school bus. She literally can not wait. And I must say, I'm looking forward to it as well! She is SO ready!!! She has spent the past two school years with Miss Elaine and she has enjoyed it thoroughly. She's always very eager to learn and I have no doubt that she'll excel in Kindergarten. The big question is...what am I going to do with her until then?????? It just might be a long summer. lol Stay tuned for photos from the big graduation ceremony on Thursday! Congrats Ryleigh on completing your second and final year of pre-school! And here begins a new chapter....

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