Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whatcha Crafting Wednesday

Here it is...Wednesday again. As you may recall, last week I set some crafting goals for myself. They were:
1. Finish Ryleigh's Dress
2. Finish the Chloe Cap
3. Make the rest of my Mother's Day cards

Well, I'm happy to say that I was able to meet my goals! Well...okay...ALMOST. I still need to make ONE more card. But, that's not bad, right? I decided I'm going to start setting goals every week...hopefully it will keep me motivated. :) So, here's what I did over the past week.

As you may recall, I had made a dress for Ryleigh. It ended up being too big, so I had to take it in and shorten the straps. But, after I did that, it was too short. So, I decided to add a contrasting band to the bottom of the dress to add some length. Then I thought it would be cute to add some hand embroidered flowers to it. So, here are the hand embroidered flowers. Pretty cute, right? I was impressed with myself...its only the second time I've done any hand embroidery.
Then that's where it went downhill. My original intent was to have the embroidery off to the left side. But, I made the mistake of cutting the band out AFTER I did the embroidery. And, as luck will have it, I ended up cutting the band too short. So, I had to piece some extra fabric on the sides which ended up making the embroidery more towards the center. :( I was pretty frustrated with myself. But, I still think its cute, and for a $.99 dress, it'll be just fine. If I hadn't told anyone I screwed up, they probably wouldn't notice, right???? Or is it really bad??

I also finished the Chloe Cap. Much better this time!!!! Here is a pic of Ryleigh wearing it. This was before I sewed the button onto the flower.

The finished product:
I also started on another Owl Earflap Hat for Andrea. I didn't bother to take any pics, though, because it just looks like a dead cat until its done. It'll be pretty much exactly the same as the other owl hat I did, though.
And now onto my Mother's Day cards. All of these cards were made using almost ALL Close to My Heart products (with the exception of some ribbon and a button). I'm hoping to become a CTMH consultant, so I thought I'd start working on some designs for my portfolio. I love their products - everything coordinates so nicely and it makes it so easy to come up with different designs!
This one was made with the Simple Pleasures collection:
This one was made with the More to Adore collection:

This one isn't my favorite...I like it except for the stamping at the bottom. Oh, and the pic makes it look worse too because the colors are so washed out here. This one was made with the Heaven Sent collection:
And this one was made with the Notebook collection.

So, with these in addition to the one I posted last week, I just need to make one more. Hopefully I can get that done today! :)
My Crafting Goals for the next week:
1. Make one more Mother's Day card
2. Make a Thank You/Teacher Appreciation Card
3. Make 3 Birthday Cards
4. Finish the Owl Earflap Hat
5. Start making a summer dress for ME
Wow - that's a lot for this week. Let's see how I do.... ;-)

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