Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Mommyhood Madness - Produce Bags

You know what always drives me nuts? Every time I enter the grocery store, I bring along my reusable shopping bags (OF COURSE!) and then what's the first thing I do? Well...I enter the produce section and proceed to use like 5 plastic bags to put each different produce item in. Kinda doesn't make sense, right??? I don't WANT to use plastic...period. So, I've been on the hunt for the best kind of reusable produce bag. Should I sew some with a light-weight mesh fabric? Knit some? Crochet some? If I knit/crochet them, what's the best and most light-weight yarn choice? I don't know what the best option is...and I'd love to ask around, but I have NEVER seen anyone use a reusable produce bag in a store. And that's another thing I'm wondering about...when I go to put my apples on the counter in a fabric or yarn bag, are the cashiers and baggers going to look at me like I'm totally nuts??? I suppose I don't really care if they think I'm nuts...I'd just rather not have to explain my 'bag' habits to everyone I see. I would really like to hear some other thoughts on this topic. Here are some tutorials or patterns that I've found in my search for the best way to make reusable produce bags.

-Here's a tutorial by The Sproutz Store. These are made using tulle. I'm not sure tulle is the best option...sure, its light-weight, but it doesn't seem like it would be very durable. Although, I like the, I might try to find a better fabric option and use this tutorial.
-Here's a tutorial by Oh the Cutness! for a crocheted produce bag. I really like the looks of this one, but I'm wondering about how big the holes are...and if the yarn would be too stretchy. I don't want my beautiful produce falling through the holes!
-Here are some muslin bags that are for sale at Colonial Patterns, Inc.. I like how they look very streamlined and clean...but, don't the cashiers need to see the little stickers on the produce??? Not really sure I want people having to open up my bags and paw through them.
-Here's a nice looking knitting pattern by Fickle Knitter Design. Again, this is a very nice looking bag, but if you read through the description, it says the bag weighs 1.25oz and to ask the cashier to subract the weight of the bag from the total weight of the produce. Ummm...yeah, NO. Dragging 2 kids through a grocery store is enough of a task without having to end the adventure trying to explain things like this to 15 year old cashier. I need something lighter...

So, you see my dilemma....I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences!!!
And my next issue is what to do about the baggers wrapping my meat in plastic bags. They always look at me like I'm totally crazy if I ask them not to wrap the meat. ????

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