Friday, May 21, 2010

The Week in Photos - 5/15/10 - 5/20/10

Sunday May 16th, 2010
I believe this is 3 weeks post-planting
Monday May 17th, 2010
Play date at the Warren's house

Wednesday May 19th, 2010
Graduation Rehearsal

Thursday May 20th, 2010
Isaac and Daddy shaving. Apparently Isaac has a hairy forehead. lol...oh, and Isaac's razor is pretend, obviously...

Pre-Graduation Photo Shoot

Ryleigh and Miss Elaine
Getting ready to march in

This is how we kept Isaac entertained during the ceremony
Ryleigh and Lillian-Grace singing Hickory Dickory Dock
I didn't bother uploading the rest of the ceremony pics because they came out horrible. :( Thank goodness my friend Telicia (Miss Elaine's daughter) got front-row seats and has a great camera! She shared her pics with me which I will be ordering prints of. Thanks Telicia!
Kid Quotes of the Week:
-Me: 'Isaac, do you want to be able to use big boy cups?' Isaac: 'uh huh' Me: 'Then stop being naughty with them!' Ryleigh: 'YEAH! And that means (while counting off on her fingers) no screwing around with it, no sticking your fork in it, and no sticking your spoon in it either!'
And since I don't have a good quote from Isaac this week, I thought I'd share another from Ryleigh...
-'Are you touching my brain?!?!?!' - Ryleigh - while Josh was cleaning her ears after bath.

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