Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kids Crafts Thursday - Paper Plate Dinos

I got the idea for today's craft from the Little Hands Paper Plate Crafts book that I checked out of my local library. There are lots of great craft ideas in this book! I would recommend it. We did two different dinosaurs. Here is what you will need for both:

-paper plates

Pre-Project Prep:
-Gather up all your supplies and cover up your table with newspaper and your child(ren) with smocks.
-Cut out your dinosaur shapes. For Isaac's dinosaur, I folded the paper plate in half and then cut out a dinosaur shape with the fold being the dinosaurs back (see pics below). Then I cut out a horn for its head and at the last minute decided to make some spikes for its back. For Ryleigh's
dino I folded one paper plate up on each side, leaving a flat part on the bottom. Then I cut out a long tail, a long neck, and two rectangles for legs.
None of my camera batteries seemed to be charged, so I didn't get all the pics I wanted. But, here is the horn for Isaac's dino:
Here are the head, tail, and legs for Ryleigh's dino:
Now get the kids and let's make some dinos!
1. Give the child the pieces to the dino. Let them pick out some colors and then let them paint all the dino pieces.

2. Staple or glue the pieces of the dinosaur together
3. Using a marker draw eyes, mouths, and whatever other details you want your dino to have.
Here's Isaac's Dino:
Ryleigh's Dino:

Project Review: Both of my kids (ages 2.5 and 4.5) really liked this project. It was easy, quick, and fun. It was quick enough and easy enough that Isaac didn't get bored or distracted, but still fun enough that Ryleigh really enjoyed it. As you can see, she had fun decorating her dinosaur. I would recommend this project and will probably be doing more from the same book.

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